Tips on Touching Up Your Makeup

It doesn’t matter if you have a long day at work or if you are planning a long night on the town, there are just times in which you may need to touch up your makeup. For this reason, you should know some simple and some quick tips on how to touch up your makeup correctly and easily. Here are a few tips to help you.

To get rid of unwanted the shine

The best shine removal tool is those oil absorbing rice paper tissues. No purse should be without them. They blot off the oil that causes the unwanted shine, while leaving your makeup intact.


We all will need a cover-up every now and then. Some of the best ones are those flesh colored pencils. They can help hide a pimple or even hide a makeup smear.

Eye shadow creases

As time passes, eye shadow creases can become ever present, which can ruin your look. A great solution here is not to add more eye shadow. If you do this, you will just end up making your eyes look all blotchy. Instead, use your fingertip and gently even out the crease. If you feel you must follow-up with some makeup, try a little dab of some sheer prearlescent cream shadow. Just apply it over the middle of your lid and on toward your brow line. Then repeat on your opposite eyes.

Lipstick fading

You could add more of the same shade. Yet, your lips could begin to look and feel cakey. Your other choice is to just add a little bit of clear gloss to your lips. This can help brighten up your lips.

Tired looking

At the end of the night, do you look and feel washed out and tired looking? Try rubbing a little bit of lipstick onto the apples of your cheeks. Your best options are cherry shades or orange based ones.

Yes, makeup will fade over time. It doesn’t matter what brands you buy. However, if you are armed with the knowledge on how to touch up your look, it doesn’t have to take long to look bright and refreshed again.

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