Winter Weather Skin Protection

No matter the time of year, sunscreen is the most important product you can buy. Use it daily to protect yourself from skin cancer.

As the temperatures outside fall to freezing and below your skin starts losing its moisture. There are many steps you can take to help retain and gain back the moisture that is lost.

Start off by reducing your time in the bath or shower. Use warm water, not hot. Get your cleaning done and get out. Do not dry off immediately. While you are still slightly damp slather on a rich body cream. Use one thin layer, wait five minutes and repeat with another thin layer. If you have rough, scaly patches on your feet, elbows or knees add a thin layer of petroluem jelly and work into these areas.

If you do need to soak in the bath tub for aches and pains add a body oil to the water. Once again use only warm water.

Start moisturizing your face more frequently especially if you suffer from dry skin. Invest in rich eye creams and also night-time formulas to help maintain moisture. Keep lips hydrated by applying a moisturizing lip balm several times per day.

On windy and really cold days try to limit your time outdoors to 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Keep yourself well protected with as little of skin showing as possible. When temperatures and/or wind chill drop below negative try to stay indoors if possible. Invest in winter clothes. Thermals and heavy winter gear should be looked at as an investment. It can save your life. Many people have died because of winter weather exposure.

Increase the amount of water you drink. Keeping yourself hydrated will also help your skin retain its moisture. Stay away from alcohol, caffeine and anything that has a dehydrating effect.

Purchase a humidifier for your home to help balance out the moisture level. Dry heat from your furnace can wreck havoc on moisture levels so a humidifier will help regulate that.

Winter weather can cause a lot of damage. Stay indoors as much as possible and moisturize to keep your skin healthy.

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