Beauty Career Information

Nail Technology Careers

Nail technicians are a growing workforce in the employment industry. In the US, for example, nail technicians are forecasted to grow from 2020-2030, with a 33% increase rate. This is much faster than the average rate for other occupations. Considering this statistic, it’s only expected that newly certified and licensed …….. more info > > >

Eyelash Extensions Careers

The eyelash extensions market has grown tremendously over the years as more and more people are using extensions for beautification purposes. Many individuals from all walks of life, mostly women, are keeping up with the current fashion trends and more interested in improving their looks. A report shows that at least up to 2025 …….. more info > > >

Makeup Careers

Makeup artists are one of the beauty professionals in demand today. They provide a wide variety of makeup applications in different industries. Films, photoshoots, and even day-to-day looks for celebrities require the help of makeup artists to achieve the desired look. This means opening more career opportunities for aspirants, making this …….. more info > > >

Esthetics Careers

With the increasing demand for estheticians in spas and salons, it’s not surprising that many aspirants are aiming to get a license for the profession. The licensing requirement varies by country or region, however, but most places require an esthetician to have one …….. more info > > >

Manicurist Careers

Personal appearance workers like cosmetologists specializing in nail services continue to be in demand in many salons and spas. This is because customers are also increasing primarily because of current nail enhancement trends on social media, such as extensions and art …….. more info > > >

Pedicurist Careers

One of the reasons why becoming a nail technician is an attractive career today is its consistent job growth. Customers wanting their nails to improve and look appealing in salons are increasing, and this is why many businesses are opening more work for manicurists and pedicurists …….. more info > > >

Facialist Careers

So, you are sort of a beauty buff. You like to apply make-up on yourself and others, know what to do to make facial features pop. Of course, you are also a skin guru. You know how to take care of skin after makeup removal and know what products to use to retain its youthful glow. Know how to treat acne using the right ingredients? Check. Know …….. more info > > >

Lash Lift Careers

A lash lift technician is basically an eyelash technician who enhances the appearance of eyelashes. They are expected to have excellent eyesight, steady hands, attention to details, and patience since the eyelashes are part of the body’s sensitive area, which is the eyes …….. more info > > >