Lash Lift Courses

Lash lift is one of the beauty treatments that many women and some men want to have. It deals with making eyelashes look curlier, fuller, and bigger. Not only that, the procedure for the service requires less effort than other beauty treatments. It even has fewer potential risks and lasts longer than artificial lash extensions. 

With these benefits, it’s only expected that many cosmetologists and estheticians are interested in studying a lash lift course. They can master a special skill that has great income potential in the growing market of the beauty industry. So, if you’re one of these professionals who are planning to learn lash lift, here’s what you need to know about the program.      

What Is a Lash Lift Service?

Lash lift is a beauty treatment for eyelashes, making them look curlier and longer without needing to use artificial extensions. It works on lifting the lashes up using a perming cream and a fixation solution to create a long, curly result. 

The procedure starts with a silicone pad glued on the eyelid to assist with the lifting. The lashes are then glued on the pad and brushed up gently with the perming cream. Once the lashes are permed, a plastic wrap is placed on top for 8-10 minutes to cure the cream. A fixation solution comes next in the application to “fix” the new shape of the lashes and is also cured with a plastic wrap in the same amount of time.

The last chemical applied is the nutrition solution that nourishes the lashes while perming them. After this, the silicone pad is removed with the help of a cleaning solution. The result makes the lashes look longer with a nice curl. 

What Is an Eyelash Technician?

An eyelash technician is a professional who works on improving the appearance of lashes. They can perform lash perming, lifting, tinting, and extension applications. They are also expected to be keen on details about lashes and have steady hands while working.

What Do You Learn in a Lash Lift Course?

Lash lift courses differ depending on the provider and their location. But to give you an idea of what to expect from the course, here’s a list of some of its areas of study:

  • Eyelash growth and anatomy
  • Pad placement
  • Proper usage and storage of solutions
  • Tools used
  • Hygiene and safety
  • Patch testing
  • Eyelash lift process
  • Possible chemical sensitivities and reactions of customers
  • Customer consultation
  • The preparation before the client appointment
  • How to start your own eyelash lift business

What Are the Different Ways to Study Lash Lift Techniques?

There are multiple ways to study lash lift techniques, and the methods vary by area. Your local government may offer a free learning course with a certificate in partnership with a reputable brand. Better check with your region’s government-supported vocational courses.  

Some established brands may also provide discounted short classes in their salons as part of their promotional campaigns. You can try and check out salons near you that offer this.  

Another way of studying lash lift is to search for community colleges and vocational schools near you. Some may offer accredited lash lift courses that certify you upon completion. 

You can also try online classes and look for available programs on the Internet. Prices may vary depending on the areas of study and skills covered.

Tutorial videos are popular for learning the skills for lash lift as well. You’ll know and understand the step-by-step process and how the lashes will look once done. Many YouTubers are providing tips and best practices to help you become familiar with lash lift. The only downside to this is you won’t have a certificate for studying the techniques.

What Prerequisites Are There to Study Lash Lift Services? 

To become a licensed lash technician, it’s important to check first with your region or state about the requirements because it differs. However, most places need a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician to proceed in practising lash lift. 

Providing this type of beauty service is highly sensitive as it works in the eye area. Any chemical from the products used must be applied with extra care on the lashes and near the eyes. This is why a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician is a must in many places to avoid legal issues and ensure that you have the expertise to handle beauty treatments involving the eyes.  

What Accreditations Can You Get by Doing Lash Lift Courses?

Like the prerequisites, accreditations also differ by country. But receiving professional training from a licensed lash lift program is highly recommended as this is a requirement for most places. After completing the course, you’ll get a certificate. Some program providers automatically include you as a certified member of an acknowledged organization for lash technicians.  

What Will All of This Cost?

Lash lift courses differ significantly by the provider, program structure, duration, and kit. Many providers offer one-day training for the skills and modules you can study before the class. Prices usually start at around $367. If you opt for an online course, make sure that you can commit to in-class training because some providers require a face-to-face meeting for half of the duration of the program.

What Will You Be Able to Do at the End of a Lash Lift Course?

After completing the course, it’s important to take the licensure exam for cosmetology or esthetics to start your career. Once you’re licensed, you can provide lash lift services to people. This is especially true if you want to start small and gain experience by offering the services to your friends in your community. 

You can also opt for getting employment in an established salon or spa and exercise your expertise as a cosmetologist or esthetician and apply what you’ve learned from the lash lift training.

Starting your own lash service business is an excellent option as well. You should know how to properly manage your shop while providing lash services at the same time. Once you can successfully establish it, you’ll reap the rewards.  

How Do I Find the Best Lash Lift Course?

Finding the best lash lift course can get overwhelming because there are many available programs that seem to have well-structured training. However, there are key factors you should consider in finding the best fit for you.


As pointed out earlier, lash lift involves using chemical-based products that can irritate or even cause serious damage to the eyes or skin when applied incorrectly. This is why it’s crucial to check the lash lift products that the program uses. The course should introduce the products to you and explain their uses and potential effects when used inappropriately. 

It’s important that you understand each product’s uses and potential safety risks because you’ll also explain these to your customers. The more you show that you’re knowledgeable about the products, the more customers rely on and trust you. 


One significant indicator that a lash lift course is reliable is they show you examples of their work on real clients. If you’re taking in-class learning, demonstrations on lash lift are easily available to help you learn the techniques. 

However, if you’re taking online classes, this can be quite challenging, and that’s why it’s important that a program has photos or tutorial videos to show you. They can show you a live demonstration virtually, but it’s still different when you have available photos or tutorial videos you can access at any time. This is also helpful for in-class training.  

Lash Tint Training

Many customers prefer to have lash tint when doing lash lift, and it’s important to decide on whether you want a program to include this service, too. Lash tinting is simply dyeing the eyelashes to enhance their natural color and make the eyes look more defined. It’s a plus to customers if you can do both lash lifting and tinting.


Problems happen and can’t be avoided at some point when providing a lash lift service. Therefore, it’s crucial to know what to do in these situations. Mistakes like accidentally putting some solution on the eyes or using an incorrect product sometimes occur. The program should train you on how to deal with these issues and how to keep the safety of the customers and the sanitation of the entire process. 

Provider Reputation

Is the course provider reputable? Getting the program from an established provider guarantees you that the money you’ll spend will be worth it. If you’re enrolling in a course offered by a school, it’s also essential to know the provider behind it, so you can do a background check. 

Try to look for the company online, and see if their website looks professional, easy to navigate, and provides valuable information. These are major elements that show you the company is reputable because they put significant efforts into making their website look presentable. You’ll see the pride of the business with an attractive website.

Check for Available Lash Lift Courses Today!

Now that you have a solid background of what to expect from a lash lift course, it’s time you start checking for available programs in your area or online. Make sure to remember the key factors to look for in a course to get your best pick. So, choose wisely!