Lash Lift Careers

What Is a Lash Lift Technician? 

A lash lift technician is basically an eyelash technician who enhances the appearance of eyelashes. They are expected to have excellent eyesight, steady hands, attention to details, and patience since the eyelashes are part of the body’s sensitive area, which is the eyes. 

It’s also crucial for a lash technician to be knowledgeable about the products and tools they used to achieve smooth and successful lash lift. This allows them to explain the products they’re using and the entire process of the service to the customers as well.  

What Services Do Lash Lift Technicians Provide?

Eyelash technicians provide lash lift/perming, extensions, and tinting. These services all have an increasing demand in salons, spas, and even eyelash clinics. Let’s briefly discuss each in detail.

Lash Lifting/Perming

Lash lift makes the eyelashes look curlier, fuller, and bigger, ideal for people who have straight and downward lashes. It uses a perming cream and a fixation solution to treat and “fix” lashes into its new shape. 

A silicone pad is used to assist in the “curling”, and the lashes are gently brushed up with the cream and solution, which are applied separately. This beauty treatment can last up to six weeks.  

Lash Tinting

Lash tinting usually goes with lifting, as many customers are requesting to have both in one visit. This eyelash service basically colors the lashes to make them look darker, which defines the eyes. Ideally, the eyelash technician should do a patch test first to see any allergic reaction 24-48 hours before dyeing. If there’s no allergy, the lash technician can already perform lash lift. This beauty treatment can last up to four weeks.

Lash Extensions

A lash extension service is extremely popular in beauty treatments today. It uses artificial lashes to make the eyelashes look longer and fuller. The process starts by covering the bottom lashes with a medical tape, so they won’t get in the way when applying the artificial lashes. 

The lash technician then dips each synthetic lash into a special glue and sticks it onto the natural lash using an eyelash tweezer. Each eye can use up to 60 artificial lash extensions, which makes the process long. Lash extensions can last up to six weeks.       

How Do I Become a Lash Lift Technician?

Becoming a professional lash lift technician requires you to be a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician, at least in most places, and to take and complete a lash lift course. Other requirements vary by region or country.

What Training Is Available to Become a Lash Lift Technician?

What Job Opportunities Are There?

How Can I Find a Position in Lash Lift Services?

Okay, So Where Do I Start?

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