Are your little girls spending too much time using their phones, tablets, computers and other gadgets? Are you worried they won’t develop any social skills?

That’s a common problem with most parents today. Children will no longer go out and play with other kids, which negatively affects their social health. This can lead to difficulties in communicating and interacting with other children. 

As parents, all we want is for our girls to be healthy physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically and socially. In today’s world of advanced technology, it can really be a struggle to keep our children healthy in mind and body.

So, how can we control their screen time or stop them from getting addicted to gadgets and the Internet? There are plenty of ways to do that, and one method we believe is effective in helping develop their social skills is by enrolling them in makeup courses.

Beauty courses, such as makeup, don’t just train your girls with new skills but also allow them to improve their interaction and communication with other kids. 

In this article, we’ll discuss what a makeup course for girls is, the types of makeup courses your girls can take and how you can find the best beauty school in your area.

What Is a Makeup Course for Girls?

A makeup course for girls is a specialized program that teaches little kids how to do makeup. You might have heard about makeup courses that adults study. With a program designed for kids, children can develop beauty skills ideal for their age.

Courses may differ, however, depending on the provider. But rest assured that your little ones can learn makeup skills, make new friends, improve their social skills and most importantly, have fun.

What Are the Different Makeup Courses for Girls?

You may find that many makeup courses offer a masterclass for this skill, where they teach different types of makeup in one program. Some may break different makeup types down into short classes. The choice is yours.

Here are the popular makeup courses for girls you can check out:

1. Hazy Eyes

This is the new smokey eyes or the beginner version of smokey eyes. The eyeshadow doesn’t look too bold and dark but just right for the “smokey effect” to be fairly visible. The key to this makeup look is to blend the colours perfectly.

2. Glitter Makeup  

Glitters in makeup are not just a trend but a lifestyle. Many girls love glitters in their artwork, and makeup is no different as it is art itself. 

Gold glitters in eyeshadows are popular for most kids. A makeup course will teach them how they can apply it appropriately. The key to keep a mess-free application is how they brush it on the eyelids and the right tools to use.

3. Pink Eyeshadow

Can’t get enough of eyeshadows? Here’s another one!

The pink eyeshadow is summer’s boldest makeup trend for girls as it pops. It even looks more stunning with glitters. Girls should also have to pay attention to minimal cheek and lip makeup to have a perfect balance.

4. Minimal Makeup 

If your girls want summer vibes, the minimal makeup look is their best bet. There is only a slight makeup all over the face. Nude and light colours are your children’s best friends here. Matte or dewy lips, soft peachy blush and a nude matte eyeshadow are a perfect combination. 

5. Bronze Makeup

For girls who want to look gorgeously tan, bronze makeup is just right. This look focuses more on emphasising the cheekbones. It uses a bronze contour to create that sun-kissed effect. The bronze eyeshadow and glossy lips complete the look.

6. Monochromatic Makeup

This one-colour makeup look has been popular lately not just for adults but also young girls and teens. Pink and nude colours are famous as they give that natural and fresh look. 

7. Matte and Glossy Makeup  

Matte and glossy makeup is probably the easiest look on this list. Your girls only need a matte eyeshadow that contrasts their skin tone and a clear lip gloss. That’s it! 

How to Choose the Best Beauty School

We always want what’s best for our girls, and selecting the right beauty school can be a little bit tricky. That’s why it’s important to know the important factors to consider in choosing one, such as:


Does the school have a lot of positive reviews, and is it rated 5-star? These are a few of the key points you need to check when it comes to the school’s reputation. Having many positive reviews and a lot of recommendations from previews students is a great sign.

It’s already a bonus if the school has accreditations. But it’s not always a guarantee that accredited schools can provide quality training. Many non-accredited beauty course providers out there are highly competitive in giving quality makeup programs.


It’s extremely important to choose a beauty school near your place for ease of access. Do your own research in checking the nearest schools.


Always visit the top beauty schools you’re interested in to see and feel them. Check if the rooms are clean and spacious, facilities are well-maintained and if they provide the right treatment. Your girls deserve to be in the most comfortable environment for learning.

Course Structure

This is probably the most important factor. Check if their program design fits your girls’ interests and if the length of completion is ideal. Also, know the schedule of the classes if it matches yours. 

What’s Next?

With proper knowledge about makeup courses for girls, you’ll have a better direction on how you can get your children to study in a beauty school. Learning makeup is good for your kids, especially if they are naturally creative and have a passion for it. Girls can play around with the colours and even the techniques in application to see which works best. 

Make sure to do your own research as well on the best beauty schools near you. Consider the factors in choosing a school above to help you get the right one. 

So, start looking for a makeup course provider now, and see which one is perfect for your girls!