Spa treatments are finally back.

And, with the year of 2021 nearly behind us, maybe it’s time to start celebrating them again. In fact, we’re pretty sure a circulation of spa trends is exactly what we need.

So, what does 2022 have to offer us? Beauty treatments reflect the needs of the world around us; which has provided so much scope this year. From social distancing and mask-ne (a fun portmanteau of mask acne to describe the congestion left behind by daily face coverings), to blue light overload from our screens and mass hair loss.

Basically, last year was one of pent up stress with no real way to release it. So, we can expect a lot of treatments specifically aimed to de-stress, replenish and rejuvenate.

2022’s Expected Top Treatments

1. Heightened Blue Light Use

Laser facials have long been in circulation. The incredible benefits of blue, red, and yellow laser therapy have been researched and tested for years. Blue light therapy is especially useful for reducing bacteria on the skin – which is exactly what we all need after wearing masks for all those months.

2. More Targeted, Tailored Treatments

The advent of Covid 19 saw consumers learning to give themselves at-home beauty therapy. Lockdown forced treatments into the hands of the many – and mobile devices took a hike in sales. So, with many people turning to at-home beauty care, spa treatments will seek to be more tailored towards specific skincare needs.

3. Massage Focused Facials

We can admit it: We’re all dying for some physical affection. In fact, the last year has been cruelly neglectful in the area of touch. So, it makes sense that we’d be going in for a touch-focused facial. Or a massage. Or, any real human connection.

You know. It’s the little things that count.

4. Laser, Radio Frequency, High Tech Gear

Our tech is evolving, in every single way. In fact, we’ve been able to reshuffle our entire workforce to make allowances for lockdown – and since then found new ways to live and work.
So, it makes sense that our beauty sphere would evolve with it. High Tech Facials have long been a bit of a thing, but we can expect them to make a splash this year. With machines using laser, ultrasound, RF and so many other technologies, all but forbidden to us during lockdown, we’re all desperate to reclaim unruly and blemished skin.

5. Scalp Care

Okay, so this may seem like a bit of a lateral jump, but did you know our hair is falling out? Collectively, we’ve all undergone a huge amount of stress in the past 12 months, and as a result we’re losing hair – at an alarming rate.

Your scalp is really just a continuation of the skin on your face. It gets dry, oily, sad, and needs to be looked after. It’s really a no brainer to be taking care of your scalp along with your skin. But, supermarket shampoos, no matter how expensive, probably aren’t helping too much.

6. Physical Touch

We know, this piggybacks on number 3, but physical touch is incredibly important in our day-to-day. And Covid-19 has created a significant lack of it. We wouldn’t be surprised if beauty services specifically focusing on touch and physical contact begin to crop up everywhere.

I mean, after hermiting for the last year, we think it’s fair to demand a little bit of physical contact.

7. Tech Detox

It feels like we haven’t left the comfort of our screens in the last year. I say comfort, but at this point it’s beginning to become more like a burden. I mean, it takes a lot to have your entire professional existence through the lens of a computer screen.

Not only emotionally (we’ve lost the will to change into proper pants in the morning), but physically.

Computer screens emit a blue light compound called HEF. HEF has been shown to cause impacts in the skin similar to pollutants and damage – impacts like hyperpigmentation and photoaging. It’s a tricky beast to fight when our whole lives revolve around the cause.

A simple way to mitigate the impacts of HEF damage is through using serums that fight free radicals & a tech detox. Basically, it’s like a wellness camp, away from screens and the damage they cause.

8. Online Dermatology

This has sort of already happened, but 2021 sees the continuation and increase of online dermatology sessions, where doctors can diagnose and assess skin concerns from the comfort of your own home. Of course, it’s not the most efficacious method of skin assessment, because lighting and lenses change the way everything looks. But, it could make dermatologists far more accessible to those living in rural areas or unable to make the drive.

Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

1. Mineral Baths & Volcanic Beauty

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with natural hot springs. The benefits from mineral compounds that spring up from underground volcanic activity are immense. Not just for beauty, but wellness – which is a term that is becoming more and more synonymous with our beauty regimen in 2022.

Looking for ways to treat our beauty concerns from the inside & out will continue to rise this year, as people seek to rejuvenate themselves wholly.

2. Precious Metals

This has been gaining traction for a while now, but precious metals within beauty is on the rise. Interesting and unexpected ingredients like Colloidal Silver, Gold, Rose Gold & a whole host of other metals are being lauded for their antimicrobial & anti-bacterial impacts. Which is a powerhouse of a combination if you’re struggling with congestion.

Aside from colloidal silver & gold, gemstones are a trend we are seeing more and more. They work to charge the energies of ingredients used in conjunction with them, allowing the actives to work more powerfully. Most commonly, we are seeing rubies, sapphire & zircon.

3. HIFU Fat Reduction

As with everything else, 2021 saw a huge spike in at-home treatments, like the ones listed here. But, whether at home or otherwise, the HIFU treatment is steadily gaining in popularity – and for good reason. HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) works by heating the fat beneath the skin, by firing intense beams of heat into the fatty area, generating the body’s natural lipolesis and stimulating fat loss.

Basically, it’s fat freezing, but backwards. And…maybe a little better?

4. Face Yoga

A natural continuation of facial massage, face yoga stimulates your face muscles through gentle exercise. Though research on this is limited, a 2018 North Western University study found that face yoga de-aged study participants by an average of three years.
What does this mean? Well, we know that exercising your muscles gives your physique a younger, more toned appearance. Why shouldn’t this apply to your face?

5. Mental Wellness Retreats

Similar to a tech detox, a mental wellness retreat focuses on your inner wellbeing, to stimulate beauty on the outside. Which, we keep hearing, is integral to your overall health. Stress has basically become a part of everyday life, and without taking time to remove ourselves from stressful environments, we can easily become overwhelmed by it. Once we’re overwhelmed, our bodies suffer. Aside from the numerous health disadvantages like heart disease, high blood pressure and early death, stress affects beauty too. Hair loss, lowered resistance to skin damage, lowered collagen production and skin hydration are all symptoms of higher stress levels – so, a mental wellness retreat might not be a bad idea – for all of us!

When you think about it, the landscape for beauty has changed a lot since COVID-19. But, beauty has always been more beneficial when approached from the inside and out. We’ll take the facial & weekend in the bahamas, thanks.